Massage and Qi Gong

Massage and Qi Gong

Belight Services

We are thrilled to host Elke Rosendahl and Sibylla Meckel, massage and bodywork therapists with over 20 years’ experience in the healing arts and whole foods. They offer a range of massage and bodywork therapies, nutritional coaching and their own range of Raw Chi products and smoothies, as part of one of our Retreat Packages.*

Massage therapies offered:

  • Chi flow massage (a combination of energy healing and therapeutic massage)
  • Deep tissue massage (deep release bodywork)
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Chi nei tsang (taoist abdominal massage)
  • Reiki (fully-clothed hands-on energy healing)
  • Organic facial massage (gentle, soft-tissue massage and lymphatic drainage for decollete, neck and face)
  • Qi Gong tuition (moving chi energy for better health, satisfaction and gratitude in life)
  • Shiatsu acupressure (using pressure points along meridian to stimulate the flow of chi-energy)
  • Yin tui na (soft tissue release)

Sibylla and Elke also offer nutritional coaching, health assessment and coaching towards good health.


About our massage therapies:

Chi Flow

Chi Flow massage is a unique blend of eastern body therapies, designed for relaxation, revitalisation and renewal of body, mind and spirit.  It promotes good health and vitality, as well as a renewed sense of self, life direction and purpose.

Chi Flow massage springs from the ancient taoist spiritual practices and classical Chinese medicine. Chi is translated as the “Breath of Life”.  If Chi flows easily without interruption throughout the body, we feel vital, stable and in good health.  If Chi is stagnant or depleted, we experience ill health and “dis-ease”.

Qi Gong (moving the chi) and Chi Nei Tsang (working the chi in the internal organs)

These are both ancient Chinese methods to awaken the chi  life force and to bring harmony to the vital systems.  With a higher level of chi flowing through the body, it is able to heal itself from all levels of negativity or illness.  Through the practitioner’s transferral and guidance you will gain access to this vital, vibrational energy.

Chi flow increases with attention, intention and a positive, non-judgemental attitude.


– Elke and Sibylla, Belight Services


Sibylla: 021 538 485

Elke: 022 687 9808

*Massage is available as a separate service, but all other services can be purchased only as part of a Retreat Package.