Waiheke Island

The TVs are mainly set up for streaming.

You will find 2 remotes: one for the TV and one for the Freeview device which is in the TV.

These channels are available:

  • TVNZ on demand
  • Three Now
  • Netflix
  • Youtube 

1. Using the TV remote, switch the TV on.  Both TVs take a moment or two to wake up, so please be patient.

2. Using the Smart Freeview device remote, switch on. 

3. The Smart Freeview is in the HDMI channel of both television sets.

4. In Treetops, you can change the source by clicking on the AV button on the top right of the TV remote. A menu will appear in the top right of the TV screen, and you need to be on HDMI 1.  

5. In Driftwood, once you've turned the TV on, the Smart Freeview should show automatically as soon as you switch it on using the remote.  There is only one HDMI channel on the Driftwood TV.

You will also find a DVD player and DVDs in the room, but switching your TV to this requires a bit more faffing around:

  • For Treetops, you need to find that AV menu again and select AV1.  You also need to use the DVD remote to switch on the DVD player, at which point you'll see the DVD player menu appear.  
  • For Driftwood, you need to disconnect the Smart Freeview device and plug in the HDMI cord from the DVD player - we don't really recommend this unless you know what you're doing.  

You can watch a short demonstration of turning on and tuning in for each TV here: